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Birkenhead House Hermanus , South Africa

Birkenhead House Hermanus, South Africa

Birkenhead House Hermanus


A full-frontal sea-view place, flanked by two scenic beach coves. Great if you enjoy swimming at the breakers, but this means that the whales are farther from the coast than they’re in the deeper bays around the Westcliff side. However, Westcliff is just an hour or so’s stroll along the cliff trail; walk east and you also find even more glowing milkwood-fringed beach coves. On top of that, the people cliff route winds under the resort, thus combining unobscured sea views with complete privacy — rather rare for a home on the cliff trail in Hermanus.

Style & personality

This was the vacation house of this Biden hotelier family, and it feels like a luxury house than a hotel. Liz Biden includes a magpie approach to décor — she assembles a broad variety of interesting objects in addition to lovely antiques, and places them together with an eclectic flair that’s distinctively her own. It is glamorous and opulent. The single ‘off notice’ is the assortment of artificial master artworks from the public areas.

Service & amenities

Superb. Service which is totally discreet yet magically seems the moment you realise you need something. It is a small boutique resort, so amenities are restricted, but of an fantastic standard: an onsite spa, two little pools (the many inviting is situated directly on the lip of this sea-view patio) and superb dining.

Exercise center
Golf class
Room support


Both rooms with unobstructed sea views are just one and 2, but the amount of opulence and fine attention to detail in each room usually means there is actually not any feeling of loss irrespective of room amount. If you like a decadent toilet, this is still another reason to reserve — most are the identical dimensions as the bedroom.

Food & beverage

Among the best breakfast buffet stinks I have had the joy of tucking right into, using a breakfast menu you will want to extend your stay for: imported cold meats, grilled salmon trout out of Franschhoek, plus a range of local and imported cheeses (all excellent), plus they provide honeycomb not honey. Lunch and dinner selections consistently provide a choice of 3 starters and 3 mains, each of which comprise a terrific vegetarian choice (how can you select between beetroot carpaccio, served with appletizer jelly along with roasted root veggies using deep-fried chevin?) Dinner adds soup and there is two desserts. The wines included in your daily rate are delicious: a glass of Eagles Cliff sauvignon, or Newton Johnson’s pinot noir, and you’re very likely to spend the day on your lounger, gazing at the sea.

Value for cash

Double rooms from R8400 (#407) in low season; climbing into R12,200 (#591) at large. All foods and local drinks (an superb choice), mini-bar and in-room snacks are all included. Free Wi-Fi.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?



No kids under 12.

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