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Over half of the pancake-flat country is under sea level, and 20 percent was retrieved from the ocean, which makes rows of polders (regions of drained land) omnipresent. Uninterrupted North Sea winds have driven windmills because the 13th century, pumping water within the dykes, and grinding much more. Some two-thirds of this surface is dedicated to agriculture, such as areas of tulips.


The apartment, richly scenic landscapes make biking in the Netherlands a joy (headwinds not withstanding). Cycling is an essential component of lifestyle and locals reside in their fiets (bike): greater than just a quarter of journeys nationally are by bicycle, increasing to over a third in large cities.Experiencing the wind-in-your-hair liberty of biking is a breeze. Bike-rental outlets are omnipresent, and the nation is criss-crossed with a few 32,000kilometers of biking paths, for instance, Dutch ‘motorways’ of biking, the long distance LF paths. Catch some wheels and begin exploring.

Café Culture

Whenever the Dutch state café they imply a bar, and you will find thousands of these. In a nation that appreciates socialising and conversation over ingesting, cafés are areas for contemplation and camaraderie. Most cafés have outside terraces, which can be magnificent in summer and occasionally heated and covered in winter. Most serve meals, from bar snacks to foods that are fantastic. The atmospheric is that a bruin café (brownish café), known for its cigarette stains of centuries ago — the ultimate location to experience the Dutch country of gezelligheid (conviviality, cosiness).

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