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Catembe Gallery Hotel

Catembe Gallery Hotel

Catembe Gallery Hotel

Located a stone throw away from Maputo, Catembe Gallery Hotel is a boutique resort offering premiere lodging in a beachfront setting. With lavish accommodation choices, superb conference and dining facilities, our ‘lifestyle’ resort provides a unique mix of exceptional hospitality, culture and character solely the Mozambican coast could provide. If you are trying to book a convention, unwind or indulge in African cuisine, subsequently Catembe is the correct location for you.

Stay with us

Catembe Gallery Hotel is a small, independent boutique resort steeped in Mozambique’s special cultural and historic heritage. With well-appointed rooms, we provide quality accommodation for leisure, long-term stays and convention delegates.

Neighborhood Cuisine

Get a taste of local Mozambican cuisine at a panoramic and tranquil atmosphere. Whether you are on a company luncheon or trying to spoil yourself, both places Restaurante Marisol and Marisol Baía Tapas & Cocktail Bar will cater to all your culinary requirements. The hotel´s Restaurante Marisol is famed for its new LM prawns because 1958 and utilizes fresh, organic ingredients in our own farm.

Seminar facility

Located near Maputo’s business places, Catembe Gallery Hotel has modern conference centers with different conference rooms. Our resort can host residential seminars for groups of around 25/35 participants while our outdoor amphitheatre can host up to 150 guests. With the shore and massive gardens around our doorstep, we’re the favored place for day seminars and staff buildings.

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