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Aman Tokyo , Japan

Aman Tokyo Tokyo, Japan

Aman Tokyo


Say the word “Aman” and distant mountain retreats or exotic beaches with stunning minimalist architecture could spring into mind. However, the band’s 27th resort stands in a class of its own since the first “urban” Aman. And there are few more urban settings than Otemachi in Tokyo’s financial district. Near the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, Otemachi is full of gleaming office towers and cash guys.

Style & personality

The largest Aman up to now, with 84 rooms, the resort occupies the top six floors of 38-storey Otemachi Tower. Authentic to the hotel collection’s signature understated fashion, the ground floor entry is so discreet it’s easy to overlook. An ear-popping lift transports visitors into the 33rd floor lobby in which a huge reception provides way to views throughout the city. A stunning ikebana flower structure, surrounded by water and also 2 meditative rock gardens, takes center stage in reception under a 30-metre high ceiling of snowy washi rice paper. A kimono-clad musician strums a classical koto nearby.

The minimum interior, made by Kerry Hill, taps into Japan’s design legacy with its timber, stone and paper, while tall walls create loose borders involving the reception, lounge, restaurant and pub. The food matches the black decoration: Black Afternoon Tea at the Lounge is made up of chic combo of black walnut meringues, dark chocolates and black sesame scones. The spa is fundamental to the Aman concept so it’s little surprise that here, it crosses two floors and an epic 2,500 square yards. Highlights of this light- and – wood-filled area comprise a calming onsen-style stone tub with views throughout the city and restorative massages motivated by seasonal blossoms and conventional Japanese kampo medicine.

Service & amenities

Staff are bend-over-backwards useful – but additionally self-possessed and favorable, with none of the nervous awkwardness frequently found in fresh luxury resorts. I liked a series of relaxed discussions, topics which range from quality of life into the challenges of parenting.

Exercise center
Room support


A slick modern spin on traditional Japanese ryokan inns, the rooms are airy, bright and spacious (the tiniest are 71 square metres — large enough to house a tiny Japanese household). There are walls of light forests and white washi and falling displays of paper-lined glass, while many steps lead down to a expanse of windows lined with day beds framing views throughout the city. Additional Japanese touches include abstract calligraphy scrolls in thick black ink, tatami mat rugs, earthy ceramics and wooden boxes comprising freshly-cut winter persimmon fruit. Best of all? Nocturnal views along with a sparkling Tokyo in the cozy confines of a profound, square-stone tub infused with fragrant bags of fresh yuzu — chilly citrus fruits.

Food & beverage

The 33rd floor Restaurant from Aman – all dark rock, timber lattices, leather seats, black tables – functions European-inspired dishes with seasonal Japanese components, including Hokkaido scallops and sea urchins with Bottarga natural greens into French foie gras with Tokyo shiitake mushrooms. Next door, the Lounge by Aman functions afternoon teas and light lunches, even though a fresh Café from Aman will open at the spring onto the ground floor, with outside seating along with a seasonal Japanese attraction menu.

Value for cash

Special rates valid until May 2015 include #518 (Y91,930) to get a normal Deluxe Room to #1,100 (Y195,664) to an Aman Suite (room only( including all fees).

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

Yes, two bedrooms.


Yes. With this into the test with my six-month-old infant, I can vow that despite the extremely grown up décor, employees are unwaveringly magical when faced with pureed meals being hurled throughout the table.

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