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Shakti Leti 360° Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Shakti Leti 360° Bageshwar, Uttarakhand, India

Shakti Leti 360° Bageshwar


Leti 360° includes a really magical setting roosting at 7,200 feet in the Indian Himalayas, a scene hardly changed over centuries. But attaining this type of isolation requires effort. The closest international airport is Delhi, where many guests quit abruptly before focusing on a 5.5-hour train travel to Kathgodam channel, in the bottom of the Himalayan foothills.

From here, it is just another eight hours or so by car, via a remarkably beautiful wilderness on stomach-churning mountain roads. Most people decide to divide the trip with a stay in one of Shakti’s converted villages homes on the way, which I would strongly recommend.

Style & personality

Views are sublime: peaks and valleys, cliffs and stone face, licked by sun and mist, with vertiginous villages squeezed in the crevices. The only principal lodge provides a warm meeting place for guests, using its glass-walled living space, crackling fireplace, candle-lit dining space, aperitifs and after-dinner board matches.

Service & amenities

The Himalayas will be your playground; invest mornings seeing the sun rise over frosted peaks, allow specialist guides lead you on hikes through historical rhododendron woods to miniature villages, consider cooking classes after foraging from the gardens for components, talk with all the charming neighborhood personnel. In the day, wrap up in a blanket and lie by the fire pit looking to the twinkling night sky for shooting stars. Otherwise, there are not any amenities to talk about – there is not even telephone sign here, not mind Wi-Fi (although emergency calls could be made). It is heaven.



Four dry-stone lodges are subtly folded to the lawn-covered summit, each with magnificent views; possibly overlooking the cities of Leti and Gola, the Hiramani glacier and also the Ramgangan River. Indoors, teak timber, slate flooring and walls of glass are combined with sheepskin rugs, thick woollen blankets, wood-burning stoves and aluminum lamps providing the spaces a particularly cozy texture. Temperatures fall sharply during night though and unless you are stoking the fire every couple of hours that the chambers will get cold – pack hot socks and fleecy pyjamas.

Food & beverage

Mealtimes are excellent, with all the Tibetan chef wrapped up an excellent collection of dishes created largely from local ingredients. For breakfast there could be snacks of papaya, pomegranate seeds, fresh yogurt, eggs any way or paneer paratha, whilst lunch and dinner may include the likes of ginger and cauliflower soup, mutton curry using saffron-mint rice, chili poultry, just-baked Indian breads and cakes chosen directly from the mountainside, all superbly presented and washed with an superb choice of European and New World wines.

Value for cash

Shakti Leti 360° is available from October to April and provides three-night minimal remains from US$3,060 (#2,388) within a comprehensive foundation that covers meals, drinks, activities, guides and car transports from Kathgodam channel. There’s not any Wi-Fi.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?




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