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Gerlóczy Budapest, Hungary

Gerlóczy Budapest, Hungary

Gerlóczy Budapest


The place is topnotch. Not only can it be as essential as you might desire, but it’s on a quiet square off from the visitors.

Style & personality

Design and personality? Heaps of both. The building itself was built in the 1890s, also is thought initially to have housed proficient artisans — stone-carvers and the like — working to the adjoining City Hall. The bustling café-brasserie opened a decade ago with a intentionally last-century Parisian slant to its appearance and feel, and also the theme continued when the tourist lodging was introduced soon later. I bet a croissant you won’t find another three-star guest room with brass taps plus a claw-footed bathroom tub.

Service & amenities

As you may expect from a three-star home, there is no fitness center or health spa or room service available. But, unlike some of the star-studded resorts, the Gerlóczy offers guests with a completely free minibar, refreshed everyday and stocked with snacks such as sparkling wine, soft drinks and homemade biscuits. It is a beautiful touch. The support from the secretary during my trip was welcoming and useful.



There are 19 rooms (15 normal and four loft), each with polished parquet floor along with the elegance of the early-20th-century Parisian apartment. Each floor has a distinct signature color — a green, as an instance, or stone or burgundy — which is chosen from the décor of the chambers themselves. The loft lodging is a smidgeon smaller, but all rooms are spacious and with towering ceilings. Maybe most amusing and characterful will be the baths, with their legacy tin-bowl basins and tactile brass taps; five rooms have freestanding baths and the remainder showers.

Food & beverage

The café-brasserie (open 7am–11pm) is a favorite place, with its rounded tables spilling onto the square and to the shade of a large elm tree. The waiting staff are waistcoated, however there is nothing proper about the air since locals grab up over cake as well as the café’s finch jumps about its cage. More substantial meals incorporate Hungarian dishes (paprika veal with dumplings, duck with sea liver, etc) alongside French classics such as mussels and frites, even despite the fact that there’s a broad breakfast choice including pastries, salamis and various egg dishes. Those remaining guest rooms can pick from things around the à la carte breakfast menu to get their adjusted $12 (#9) cost. A three-course supper with wine will set you back about HUF9,000 (#20); you will find also set lunch bargains (two classes for HUF1,890 (#4) and 3 classes for HUF2,490 #6)).

Value for cash

Attic rooms cost $85 (#60), regular rooms $95/110 (#67/78) (without/with balcony), and there’s an obligatory $12 (#9) fee per person for breakfast. Given that the location and the standard of the chambers — and the free minibar! — the rates are extremely fair. Do note that even though the breakfast cost is recorded separately by the resort, it’s a compulsory fee. Free Wi-Fi.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

No rooms are especially made for guests with disabilities, even though the staff state that the doorways are wide enough for wheelchairs and the showers are wheel-in. Even though a lift features access to all rooms, there are a couple of steps up into the reception entry — a ramp is planned for next season, but consent has to be granted as this is a secure building.


There is a connecting door between a double and a twin, and a cot bed available if needed. The café provides high seats and drawing stuff to keep the children entertained.

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