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Amazing Northern Lights hotels

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort


Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finnish Lapland

Guests may snuggle up to the night with all the Northern Lights dancing over them in that this igloo village in Finnish Lapland. The igloos are made from glass, and are created so that windows do not frost steam or over up. Each includes a comfortable bed and en suite bath, giving a cozy viewing place from which to watch the stars or, requirements permitting, the aurora. During the coldest portion of the season, the lodging range goes into classic snow igloos, supplying the choice of a more real Lapland experience.

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, Finnish Lapland

The hotel has 32 separate Arctic TreeHouse suites positioned in cleverly designed wooden shingle-tiled block units, with a single side included of a scenic window, along with five Arctic Glass Houses. The components remainder on short stilts and miss a shallow valley, with a transparent perspective of the aurora borealis, once the sky is very clear and the Northern Lights ‘ are ‘acting’. They guarantee privacy, and a few are adjacent so modest families and groups may lodge together.


Levin Iglut, Finnish Lapland

This Lapland resort also provides glass igloos where to research the Arctic sky in relaxation, in addition to the part-subterranean Northern Lights House, complete with big windows from to see the lights perform. Guests may also opt to do this by the home’s private patio, where a spa offers welcome respite in the chilly winter evenings. There is also a communal teepee using a passion for aurora-hunters to collect and swap stories after a night out in open state.


Nellim Wilderness Hotel, Finnish Lapland

Bed down at a bubble in this rural retreat near Lake Inari. These heated pods, or ‘Aurora Bubbles’, include a double bed plus also a loo, and extend a personal vantage from which to scan the heavens. For people who wish to get out and around, the resort runs a vast array of light-hunting expeditions, such as sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, camping or, more sedately, by automobile.


ION Luxury Adventure Resort, Iceland

Set against a background of mountainous lava areas, which can be observable through three big glass walls, the scenic view in the resort’s bar produces a cosy spot where to see the elusive Northern Lights, a glass of Icelandic schnapps in hand. Other organic wonders in the area include the Pingvellir National Park, Thingvallavatn (Iceland’s largest lake) and the hot springs at Geysir.

Deplar Farm, Iceland

Hidden beneath the profound valleys of northern Iceland, Deplar Farm’s remoteness is all the better for its perspectives of the aurora as it streaks across the skies, untainted by even the faintest level of light pollution. Its place can also be a draw for sporting fans, who go here in order to make the most of this heli-skiing in the winter season, together with angling, mountain biking, salmon fishing and trekking supplying summer choices.

Hotel Rangá, Iceland

Constructed in log-cabin design, the conventional design of the countryside resort (2 hours in Reykjavik) offers comfy and romantic interiors. Guests are met in reception with the sight of a polar bear statue soaring over 10ft-high, setting the tone for the remainder of the resort. Upstairs, a balcony wraps around the resort’s pub, at night giving a background of twinkling stars and, even if you are lucky, the green rainbow of those Northern Lights.

Icehotel, Sweden

Constructed yearly, The Icehotel gives the best in trendy accommodation. The temperatures inside hovers between -5C and -8C therefore guests rest wrapped in thermal sleeping bags atop beds of reindeer skins. You will find far more conventional rooms and chalets for your less adventurous. The hotel provides overnight trips in search of the Northern Lights, which may be a rather localised occurrence, and guests may choose between a snowmobile or their very own crying dog sled team.

Treehotel, Swedish Lapland

The Bird’s Nest? The UFO? The Dragonfly? The selection of lodging is tree-mendous at this Harads resort. Situated in a pine woods, you will find far-reaching views across the Lule River along with the absence of light pollution makes this an ideal place for observing celestial screens. The resort also runs Northern Lights photography trips, along with moose safaris, ice fishing and dog sledding.

The Northern Light Inn, Iceland

Guests may be forgiven to be especially hopeful of a sighting when staying in this suitably termed resort in Grindavik. Its 42 spacious bedrooms are simple in design, but comprise large windows through outside which guests may often sight the aurora polished overhead. Another major plus is that the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa of stunningly vibrant hue that ranks one of Iceland’s most well-known attractions, is within walking distance of this resort. The Lagoon stays open until 9pm at the winter season.

Sorrisniva, NorwaySorrisniva Igloo Hotel

This igloo resort is assembled yearly on the banks of the Alta River, at the center of this Finnmark Plateau at Norway, from where it stakes a strong claim to being the northernmost ice resort on earth. Besides this ice-cool lodging, the resort provides overnight stays in a conventional lavvo tent. Fires are lit both indoors and outside so guests can easily anticipate the introduction of the magnificent light display.

Svinøya Rorbuer, Norway

These conventional Rorbu cottages off Lofoten are ideally-suited for people expecting to go through the Northern Lights, but with all the extra diversions of urban civilization on the doorstep (albeit the fairly restricted offerings of Svolvær). Views in the beachfront accommodations, that sleep up to eight individuals, encircle mountains, sea and, with luck, the lights dance over them. The resort organises lectures and evening barbecues on the beach for individuals wanting to find out more about the happening.

Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway

Kirkenes Snowhotel, place at the distant Finnmark area of northern Norway, is well known for seeing the aurora, and also supplies overnight bus excursions in pursuit of those frequently elusive lights. The resort is split into two components: a ice hotel, bedecked with ice sculptures, along with a hillside of conventional Sami cottages that seem to specify the term hygge. Additionally, there are husky excursions and ice fishing available.


Blachford Lake Lodge, Canada

This remote resort in Canada’s northern wilderness is by no means simple to reach. No roads lead there, so that your only solution is the resort’s very own float plane, that departs Yellowknife every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It is well worth the trip however – not least because of its absolute absence of light pollution that provides the aurora shows a vibrant intensity, since the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge found when they seen in 2011.

Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska

This Fairbanks resort provides nightly snow coach excursions in search of those Northern Lights. Departing at 10pm, guests traveling to a height of 2,600feet – the higher the better in regards to seeing this elusive phenomena – in which a heated yurt awaits. Accommodation is offered in the shape of comfy wooden cabins, whilst heat is always achievable through the natural hot springs where the resort is called.

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Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Finland – Best Travel Destination