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Gheralta Lodge Hawzen, Ethiopia

Gheralta Lodge Hawzen, Ethiopia

Gheralta Lodge Hawzen


Hawzen is the most important town catering for visitors to the local rock-hewn churches. Italian Owner Silvio Rizzotti has been composed in Addis Ababa and though he and his wife, Enrica, reside in Italy, they frequently return. It is hardly surprising that they opted to construct their paychecks: the spaghetti western-style view throughout the stony plain into the craggy Gheralta Falls is astonishing, and as well as seeing the stone churches (that could be arranged by the resort, such as drivers and guides) it is worth it to spend some time walking from the paychecks. If you’re travelling independently, the resort will gather you in Mekele airport.

Style & personality

Gheralta is intentionally simple. It’s constructed of rock like what in Tigray, also it’s African/Italian in relaxing and style. It’s a shady terrace with sun loungers, a silent library, a sitting area that opens to an inner garden surrounded by billowing white curtains, and a huge dining area. The bedrooms are located in stone-built huts dotted across the plateau, and you will find striking views, particularly at sunset.

Service & amenities

The director of Gheralta Lodge presides within a calm, well-trained group of locals who do not give away much concerning character but are a benign, if marginally neater existence. There’s powerful, dependable Wi-Fi at the main sitting area and the library, a charm for Ethiopian nation resorts.



Bedrooms have been in low rock huts dotted across the plateau. They are easy but serviceable. Some have bathrooms, others showers, and they show signs of wear, however as soon as the door handle comes off on your hands you won’t much mind — we did not. It is probably time for Gheralta Lodge to have a gentle refurbishment, nevertheless, lest it slide farther.

Food & beverage

A set menu of Italian home cooking: soups, pasta, risotto and so forth, is served at the big, bustling dining area, together with wines to accompany, such as excellent Rift Valley whites and reds. The food is satisfying and authentic; a few of the greatest Italian cooking you’ll discover in Ethiopia. On the very first night of the stay, guests are given a free cocktail at the bar, an opportunity for folks to meet, chat and swap tales of the journeys in Ethiopia.

Value for cash

Double rooms from75 each night, half an hour. It is difficult to imagine spending, and while Gheralta is easy, it’s also charming, relaxing and comfortable, with lovely views, fantastic food and trustworthy Wi-Fi.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

Access potential; all rooms on earth.


Yes. All welcome.

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