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Chiltern Firehouse Marylebone, London, England

Chiltern Firehouse Marylebone

Chiltern Firehouse Marylebone



Housed at a fire station dating from 1887, the construction has enormous charm. The road where Chiltern Firehouse stands was lately regenerated street and is now lined with interesting shops. Thankfully the traditional barber’s shop along with the newsagent opposite have not been hauled away, thanks to the Aid of Chiltern Firehouse owner André Balazs, also famous for its Mercer and Château Marmont

Style & personality

The original façade was restored along with the prior ladder discard is currently the guest room; the motor home holds the restaurant, with bedrooms over; and the recently assembled extension in between retains the horseshoe-shaped pub along with a courtyard for outside seats. The entire is streamlined, but it functions. The relaxation and joy of the guests are given remarkable idea and you feel it the moment you’re ushered in by doormen directly from central casting (mind doorman Matt McClure really is also an actor). The insides, from Paris-based Studio KO, are classic, homely, stylish, glamorous and timeless. You won’t need to leave. Humour is there also: at the Ladies, ‘Cigarettes and Guys’ is scrawled lipstick-style on a glass doorway; open it and you’re in a adorable smoking place.

Service & amenities

Superb: friendly, glistening, relaxed, speedy — just the way we like it now. General Manager Guillaume Marly gets got the Ritz and Claridges supporting him and has built an impressive group. Simplicity and directness is the secret: no directories such as ‘housekeeping’, ‘room service’, ‘reception’ etc; rather, a handwritten note from the bedroom phone: “Dial 0 to all”. Mind you, I would still like place data inside the room, now missing. Perchance a quirky, informative, amusingly illustrated booklet that guests can keep as a memento of their stay.


As is so often the case nowadays, all of the rooms are decorated the same. But in the Chiltern Firehouse, their decoration is really charmingly retro, domestic and sensible, yet fashionable and original, that it matters much less than at other resorts. Appears and comfort wise, rooms are not possible to fault.

Food & beverage

The hullaballoo that followed Nuno Mendes’s coming has died down; he’ll doubtless soon open another gastronomic restaurant at which he could practice his culinary wizardry; at the meantime that the meals on a monthly changing menu is flavorful with no outstanding, and also perfectly suited to this crowded, brasserie-style environment. Breakfast, in the basket of pastries to ingenious cooked meals, is exceptional. The ceremony, by realized waiters selected for their character, is brilliant. Occasionally, the restaurant just just stops being unbearably crowded.

Value for cash

Doubles from #480 each night; breakfast out of #10. Free Wi-Fi. Though brilliant, this neighborhood resort can also be diminutive and seems very much like it ought to be frequented by a broader set than just the very wealthy who can manage its own best whack prices. Ham Yard and Shoreditch House can provide rooms at a great deal less; therefore should this.

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