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Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse Gásadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse Gásadalur, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Gásadalsgarður Guesthouse Gásadalur


Gásadalur is a beautiful little village of just 13 full blown inhabitants that sits in the conclusion of a grand valley, running towards the tempestuous Atlantic Ocean. It is here where you will discover the Faroes’ most famous waterfall, Mulafossur, cascading to the swirling abyss below. The capital, Tórshavn, is one hour’s drive away; the airport in Vagar only 15 minutes.

Style & personality

To get a real taste of Scandinavian ‘hygge’ look no farther than that guesthouse. Warm and comfy, yet densely populated, it is a comfy and inviting area where you can easily while away a day or 2. There is a fantastic balance between new white walls, pine furnishings and heated flooring, in addition to the double-glazed windows frame the surrounding landscapes beautifully. There are numerous lovely acrylic paintings around the walls, made by a talented local comparative, along with the upstairs living space, complete with big leather couches, is very agreeable.

Service & amenities

It might not be a grand hotel with a bar, restaurant and swimming pool, but what this area lacks in amenities it constitutes in real Faeroese allure. This really is a family-run company and the owners are charismatic and hospitable — prepared to give information on trekking paths, sightseeing or just local insight. They have lived in Gásadalur for decades, farming the slopes which surround the guesthouse and they, like almost everyone you meet from the Faroes, are superbly helpful, joyful and fluent in English.



There are four double bedrooms and each has a fantastic perspective of the rural environment. They are not big (and also the property might be a bit noisy during complete occupancy), however they’re quite comfy, with fitted walnut beds, stainless steel reading lights and lots of storage space under the beds.

Food & beverage

The family runs a quaint and comfy little café adjacent to the guesthouse where people can feast on hearty regional food throughout the high period between April and September. You will find yummy homemade cakes and snacks, also tiny platters of dark bread, vegetables, cheese and cold meats. If you are lucky (and feeling courageous) they will have a couple pieces of fermented noodle that you attempt — created the clearly Faeroese manner, by hanging for several months, unsalted, out in the Atlantic breeze. Breakfast is much like lunch, however with legumes, cereals and a lot of strong coffee.

Value for cash

Double rooms price DKK 1,100 (#129) year round. Breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

No. This house does not have step-free accessibility, regrettably, and the first floor needs climbing a flight of steep stairs.


This could be a fantastic place to attract kids and it actually does have the impression of a vacation house, with a beautiful living space and also an open-plan kitchen. But, there are just four double bedrooms.

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