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Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia, Chile

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa Torres del Paine, Chilean Patagonia, Chile

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa Torres del Paine


Patagonia places do not get much better than this. From its place on the beaches of Lake Sarmiento, the resort features a scenic view of the Torres del Paine massif, a snow-capped miracle that changes color depending on the time of day. It’s a 15-minute drive into the National Park entry, from where you are able to explore a wealth of hiking paths, Grey Lake (home of the Grey Glacier), along with also the French Valley with its own view of the Torres del Paine cuernos, or horns.

The only disadvantage is the travel from Punta Arenas — in which many men and women arrive by airplane — that takes approximately four hours. If you’re able to fly into miniature Puerto Natales, the trip to the resort is simply 1 hour.

Style & personality

A curved wooden construction with just two storeys; the resort is all but invisible until you’re onto it. The layout, all of blonde wood, comfy touches and scenic windows , is precisely what is required in this trip resort to provide a cozy ambience when creating the stunning Torres massif the attention of attention. The central subject of the resort is where you’ll get the pub and cafe, organize your expeditions and sit round the log fire of a day, making a comfortable earthy feel.

However, you could always escape into the quiet library or the hanging, wicker egg seats, coated in lambswool cries — perfect for enjoying the view with a glass of Chilean wine in hand. This might be one of Chile’s most beautiful resorts but you can absolutely wear your windbreaker and walking boots without feeling ashamed.

Service & amenities

A magnificent infinity pool using a Torres perspective, a sumptuous spa and alfresco spa, an outdoor patio for sunny days and a walking road to explore the lakeside setting are all part of the resort’s offering. But the majority of folks will devote nearly all their days out, enjoying expeditions which come within their comprehensive packages. Whether on tour or back in the resort, service is faultless; guides are hugely knowledgeable and the general ambience is one of understated luxury.



Whether you’ve got a space on the upper or lower degree of this construction, it’s going to have a view of the renowned massif. If you can tear your eyes away from your window, then you’ll come across a Scandinavian-style style of natural forests, wool rugs and cries to make a cozy feel. The mattress is directly confronting the image window, but there’s not any risk of being overlooked. The massive shower and bathroom are independent, while the spacious toilet space has a freestanding bathtub from which you could also enjoy the view. There’s not any demand for a tv or net access here — you can just connect to Wi-Fi from the tropical regions.

Food & beverage

All foods, home wine, spirits and beer are all included in the purchase price of your stay. For breakfast you can choose from continental-style hamburgers and legumes, eggs cooked to order or granola and yoghurt. Dinner is a tasty three-course affair with all components locally sourced, including fish in the Magellan Strait and steak and lamb from local ranches served using native calafate berries and veggies. A three-course lunch can be available if you’re back in the resort between trips.

If you are outside for the entire day you certainly won’t go hungry thanks to filling packed lunches (think heating soups, tasty sandwiches and homemade snacks) along with lots of snacks available.

Value for cash

Double rooms from $2,300 (#1,787) per 3 nights, all inclusive. A stay at Tierra Patagonia is more costly, but with all food and airport transfers included, in addition to access to all spa amenities and both half-day or a full-day excursion every day, you do not need to think about placing your hand into your pocket as soon as you arrive. Three-night minimum stay, or five involving December 20 to January 2, and the season runs from September 1 to April 30. Free Wi-Fi in temperate places.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

There are rooms in the resort created for disabled travelers, even though the amount of trips available will be limited.


Kids are welcome and even catered to with expert excursions. There are five family rooms at the hotel, composed of two interconnecting rooms, and adolescent and child prices are available (even adults will cover a 10 percent surcharge). Children aged under four traveling, whereas cots or an excess bed can be found in each area for under-17s.

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