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Hotel Emiliano São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Hotel Emiliano São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Hotel Emiliano São Paulo


Rua Oscar Freire is the Rodeo Drive of São Paulo. The narrow Emiliano construction stands proudly along it, place a little back in the street in the southern end. Brazilian and worldwide brands line the main drag and its side roads brim with galleries and cafés frequented by girls who lunch, fashionable young businessmen and things. The broader neighborhood, Jardins, is excellent for pottering and contains lots of great restaurants. D.O.M., Alex Atala’s world-renowned restaurant, is only a block or so from the resort. Congonhas, the national airport, is 9km (5.5 miles) from the global one, Guarulhos, 30km (19 miles). Obviously the Emiliano includes a helipad for people who would rather fly over the traffic.

Style & personality

Vintage minimalist in a (Brazilian) nutshell. Soft brown leather and a great deal of sleek wood, heated by low light, are touch features during. A suspended orchid garden and a thick perpendicular jungle wall of crops include bursts of green and also remind you that you’re in a tropical country. From the lobby, the reception desk is tucked off to one side and the lifts are concealed out of sight all together. A Siron Franco “Cocoon” hangs centre point and rope seats, made from the Brazilian Campana brothers, sit at the pub.

Service & amenities

Service is among CEO Gustavo Filgueiras’s major preoccupations, and his diligence reveals. From the time I left, it felt as though everybody knew my name, and I’d taken up the offer of some free 15-minute massage, popped the cork in my free bottle of wine and munched through the majority of my everyday fruit basket. The degree of detail and attention is notable in each region of the resort, from unpacking your luggage (a person will hang up all of your clothes even though you’re outside) into the option of chilled or room temperature water at the spa. None of it, however, is suffocating.

The only drawback concerning facilities is the absence of a swimming pool. Even though there are hot tubs and a sundeck from the secluded Japanese backyard.

Exercise center
Room support


Bathrooms have 2 stand-out features: elaborate refrigerated mini-bar closets and Western bathrooms with water jets, dryers and heated seats. The spacious marble bathrooms are kitted out with a broad choice of thick, fluffy towels and robes, in addition to the resort’s Santapele solutions. Beds are made out of Egyptian cotton sheets and Hungarian goose-down cushions which are stood up like soldiers anticipating your arrival.

They feel really personal and each has a broad window out on the town, with all the glass extending floor to ceiling at the suites. Italian leather couches, Eames armchairs plus a desk create both relaxing and business easy. The Cube Suite, that is fundamentally the penthouse, has 180-degree views of São Paulo, in addition to a plunge pool at the living area.

Food & beverage

The Emiliano restaurant functions luxury Italian cuisine with a selection of nearly 300 wines and champagnes. Pick between à la carte, with caviar and oysters to kick off things, or even the tasting menu, either with or without wine pairings. The employees are attentive and knowledgeable. Substantial silverware and linen tablecloths bring old-school elegance to the dining area.

The all-inclusive weekend brunch is understandably popular. To get R$179 (#46) you can guzzle Mumm Champagne in addition to feast on waffles and sandwiches, black truffle omelettes, or a choice of deserts and mains. For breakfast, the resort provides a continental menu, with pastries, fruit and cold cuts. The broader ‘Emiliano’ option comprises the option of eggs and other foods that are hot, and also the ‘Wellness’ concentrates on lighter, healthy dishes, fermented breads and almond and soy milk.

Accessibility for guests with disabilities?

Yes, there are a few especially adapted rooms.


There are adjoining chambers, and also the Cube Suite could be linked into an Executive Suite to create an apartment.

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