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1888 Hotel Sydney New South Wales Australia

1888 Hotel Sydney

1888 Hotel Sydney


Darling Harbour isn’t everybody’s café latte, but this resort appears to surpass its surroundings partially because it is fairly self indulgent — and anyhow the great pieces of Sydney are all within easy walking distance.

Style & personality

The resort occupies a magnificent 19th-century warehouse (thus the name) which once saved wool bales along with other precious exports. A lot of the building’s unique feel was kept in this masterful conversion.
Service & amenities

Practically perfect. However active the front desk has, reception staff stay cool, calm and composed. Unlike so many resorts, the staff are really interested in the welfare and pleasure of the guests.

Exercise center


If you like exposed brick walls, enormous wooden beams as well as other industrial fittings then 1888 is the kind of resort. And when was the last time you slept on a excellent hotel mattress? Those here are excellent. Oh, and the baths are also terrific. Attention to detail is evident throughout.
Food & beverage

Lots of people dread the afternoon buffet, however, 1888 has altered the resort breakfast encounter with healthy fresh food and exceptionally superior java. The downstairs eatery is also available for evening meals — as is the awesome little pub that carries a fantastic selection of art beers, cocktails and boutique wine from the glass.

Value for cash

This hotel places many five-star institutions to shame. What’s more there is a feeling of fun and warmth seldom found in larger resorts. 1888 is well worth every cent.

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