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From Ermita 3462, Bahía Cauquén neighborhood, Ushuaia, Argentina

Many places boast of being in “the boundaries of the planet,” but few do so with as much motive as Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost province of Argentina. In actuality, it isn’t much more secluded than other places, but probably none has a landscape of another world as magnificent as this one. Los Cauquenes is situated in a readily accessible area of ​​the Beagle Channel, just outside Ushuaia; the flight is long, but this isn’t Antarctica. However, when it’s installed, it’s going to have the feeling of being on a different world. The interstellar travelers of the future might love to have accommodations such as this on other planets.

But the style isn’t futuristic, but modern, with a purity of lines which contrasts with rustic materials. When one can consider the boundaries of earth through the window, it’s not in interior design that it’s fixed. Los Cauquenes is promoted as a five star resort, and in this instance it’s not debatable. Although it’s true that the star rating system isn’t entirely reliable, when traveling to such a remote place, it’s reassuring to know that no luxuries are spared. Anyway, the hotel doesn’t pretend to be a fortress, but a beginning point for those experiences which will live in Tierra del Fuego, with the inducement of a spa with a complete selection of services and a haute cuisine restaurant.

Directions to the hotel:

The Cauquenes Resort & Spa is situated 7 km (15 minutes) from Ushuaia, 4 km (10 minutes) in the Malvinas Argentinas airport and 15 km from the National Park. Los Cauquenes provides a shuttle service from the airport to the resort, which costs US $ 15 per person per trip. You may hire a private transport service for US $ 200.

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