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Av. Callao 1823, Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If something reminds us of the specific business of Buenos Aires, then we’d state that it’s the normal excitement of the twenties. It appears that, if there’s an economic catastrophe, in Recoleta they’ve not heard. In CasaSur Recoleta Hotel you’ll truly feel an optimism which hasn’t yet been felt in cities such as New York for quite a very long moment. CasaSur owns a serene elegance which ranges from the effect of classic Art Deco, with its feature game of white, neutral and black nuances, into the lavish comforts of the suites and rooms, along with the friendly and elegant service. Who ever wondered why Buenos Aires is contrasted to Paris, you simply need to see CasaSur to receive your answer.

The similarity to Paris, as well as French balconies, is located within its own aesthetic doctrine. Even though it describes itself as “art hotel”, CasaSur isn’t packed with functions of art and it might be claimed that the art that they refer to is that of very good living. Even inside the intimate scale of a 36-room resort, the fantastic life is breathed in details like the underground spa, the distinguished comfort of its rooms, as well as the ultimate quality of its food and drink offerings. Bengal, his restaurant, dodges that the clichés of Argentine food and concentrates on the tastes of India and the Mediterranean, followed, naturally, from the greatest local wine.

Directions to the hotel:

The CasaSur Recoleta Hotel is located in the Middle of Buenos Aires. Shipping from and to the airport can be ordered for $ 83 USD in every direction. For help with airport transport.

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